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5 Signs of Luxury Design: Standing Out in Style

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

You can reside in the lap of luxury with an understanding of the elements of high-end interior design. 

Everyone wants a luxurious home. There are just some features that can make your home aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. 

Today, luxury homes come in many shapes and sizes. Not all luxury homes are mansions. Still, these homes offer a luxury experience for residents. 

You too can enjoy the pleasure of luxury design. First, however, you must understand the elements that create luxury. Then, you can stand out in style. 

What’s so Special About Luxury Design? 

It’s a phenomenal experience to live in a luxury home. They feature modern, functional kitchens and lots of style. Also, there’s no limit to the luxury living room ideas created by passionate homeowners. 

They also feature lavish bedrooms and bathrooms, where you can escape from a hectic world. In your bathroom, for instance, you could stock your shelves with spa-quality products. 

Luxury home design isn’t necessarily about big-name furniture brands or expensive furniture. It’s more about creating the right environment. Many luxury homeowners use solid hues on the walls, for instance, creating relaxing surroundings. 

Luxury homes feature many amenities. However, these amenities can attract unwanted attention. Resultantly, they also feature top-notch security systems. 

The following are five signs of luxury design.

1. When Tech Meets Luxury 

We live in a technology-driven world, and there’s no escaping that. Resultantly, luxury designers now incorporate technology into the infrastructure of fancy homes. Over time, they’ve learned how to hide technology along with plumbing and electrical wiring. 

Wi-Fi has helped designers in this task. It’s enabling designers to do away with a deluge of routers, consoles, and wires. 

Today, you can even charge your cell phone wirelessly. As tech improves, so do the ways that designers can help it blend into your surroundings.

2. The Look, the Touch, the Feel of Luxury 

In a luxury home, colors, textures, and shapes can create a fun, sensual effect. Colors, textures, and shapes are critical for creating a luxury interior design concept. 

In creating your luxury abode, you must weave these elements together into a seamless environment. Rather than having each item stand out boldly, you want them to work together to affect the subconscious mind. 

Using this tactic, you can create a remarkable luxury effect. By playing with the softness of velvet or the airiness of feathers, for instance, you can create feelings of clarity, peace, and alertness.

3. All That Matters Is Art 

There’s another way that you can play with shapes to build your luxury domain. Most parts of your home that are untouched by your artistic influence are flat or square. Sculpture can change this. 

Typically, people think of statues or clay pots when you mention sculpture. However, in a luxury home, you want to think more about curves and spirals. The dimension of eclectic art can create an explosive starburst of emotion. 

From traditional framed prints to custom-crafted trinkets, you can weave together a visual show that will create a truly luxurious experience.

4. Yes, You Can Have an Eco-Friendly Luxury Home 

When creating your luxury environment, incorporate natural forms such as animals, plants and rocks. There are limitless ways that you can incorporate these items into your surroundings. 

Over time, society is becoming increasingly advanced. Simultaneously, people long for a connection with nature. They also want to protect the environment.

Resultantly, luxury designers are increasingly making use of natural or recyclable goods. Also, they’re moving bathrooms and entertainment areas outside and bringing live trees indoors. 

Today, an outdoor kitchen and dining area are especially indulgent, and an indoor palm tree can enable you to commune with nature 24-7.

5. The Power of Culture in Luxury Design 

In luxury design, there’s so much you can do with the story and appearance of vintage items. Aged items add depth to your home. For example, the patina pattern on ancient metal can add prestige to a bookcase or any surface. 

Also, try to find antiquities with a story. It’s a gratifying experience to look at a piece and think about the story behind it. 

It’s even more enjoyable to talk about that story with guests. With the right pieces, you can keep a part of history or culture alive indefinitely. 

Luxury That Stands the Test of Time 

Traditional luxury interior design standards call for strong wooden accents and warm colors. There is a grandness to classic luxury style in its epic detailing. 

Classic luxury emphasizes woodwork as well as detailed carvings and moldings. It also incorporates masterfully crafted furniture

These characteristics may seem vague. However, they create a remarkable effect when coupled with warm lighting placed in grand fixtures. 

This kind of classic luxury works better in larger spaces, for instance, mansions and villas. If you want to bring luxury to a small, narrow space, you may want to forgo this traditional standard. 

Are You Ready for the Luxe Life? 

If you desire a home with luxury design, you more than likely have impeccable taste. However, it takes quite a bit of time to design and create the luxury home of your dreams. 

Resultantly, many people who crave luxury living work with an interior designer. If you choose to search for a highly qualified luxury designer, you need to find a professional who can balance modern design with beauty and sensibility. 

Stephanie Kratz Interiors can help you build the luxury home of your dreams. Let us bring your luxury dreams to life. 

Contact us today to start building a decadent home that caters to your unique taste.

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