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5 Questions to Cover With Your Interior Designer When Creating a New Kitchen Island

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Kitchen islands are one of the more popular features added to the kitchen during remodeling.

An island helps make the kitchen more functional in terms of space and use. When designing a kitchen island, work with your interior designer to answer the following important questions to ensure your addition is as useful as possible:

  1. What is the function? Figure out exactly what you'll use your island for. If you already have a dining area in the kitchen, then you don’t necessarily need your island to function as an additional dining space. If you want it to be a main prep area, you’ll want more space for appliances and sinks.
  2. What, if any, appliances will be used in the island? Do you want a sink in your island? How about the dishwasher? If you intend for the island to be the main prep space, make sure you have space for trash and recycling areas close by as well.
  3. How much storage is needed? If you already have plenty of storage in your kitchen, then adding more to your island may not be a priority.
  4. How high does the counter need to be? Consider the height of stools or chairs that will be used, as well as whether you'll be standing at the island, preparing food. Remember that the island can be designed to sit at two different levels.
  5. How will it fit the overall layout? The island needs to fit in with your existing kitchen layout without cutting down on its efficiency. You don’t want the island creating a cramped space that’s hard to move around.

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