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4 Types of Materials that are Beautiful & Long Lasting for Outdoor Furniture

Stephanie Kratz
June 27, 2018

Maybe you caught yourself daydreaming about summer on one of those winter days that snow—yes, that was snow—covered your backyard.

Winters like this past one make the eventual arrival of summer particularly gratifying, so now that it's finally here, you may find yourself wondering how to enliven your deck or patio. After all, you've got to make up for some lost time outdoors.

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If you're hoping to make the most of your outdoor space, keep in mind that material for outdoor furniture varies widely. Naturally, your personal preference and sense of style may trump other considerations, but it behoves you to factor in the differences, too:


It's hard to beat the sleek, streamlined style of teak, which comes in three finishes: natural, sealed and pre-weathered and can look as substantive as indoor furniture. Over time, teak can turn a silver-grey color, which can be mitigated with oil.


Wicker furniture is practically analogous with outdoor furniture, but keep in mind that the sometimes clunky wicker of yesterday competes with tighter, classier weaves of today. Still durable and always versatile, wicker can give your outdoor area a sense of timeless style.


Metal just might be the most under-rated material for outdoor furniture. When coupled with wood and glass, it can look upscale and luxurious. When painted, it can exude personality and fun. Most metal furniture also is lightweight and therefore easy to move around.


Fabric can instantly soften any outdoor look, whether it covers teak, wicker, metal or just floor pillows. Choose a weather-resistant fabric, and consider a two-tone effect so that you can double your style choices.

Choosing the material for outdoor furniture is one of those seasonal rites of passage that we at Stephanie Kratz Interiors enjoy most, so call Stephanie Kratz Interiors for a consultation when your warm weather fever reaches its peak.

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