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4 Tricks to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

f you find yourself living in a small space and don't know how to make the most of it, there are many things you can do it help space be more livable. There are countless effective storage options and furniture pieces that can help to maximize the space. Another thing you can do is some visual magic to help the room feel more spacious. A few simple tricks can fool the eye into thinking that space is bigger than it actually is. For your home interior design in Dallas, try these suggestive tips for a roomier room.

Be Clever with space

Be Clever with the space you want to reflect your style. How you hang your drapes and what kind you choose can impact a space. If you want the room to feel taller, use long drapes that extend down well past the actual windows. You can similarly use wide drapes that go wider than the window to make the room feel bigger with large windows.

Be Reflective with wall space 

Be Reflective with wall space when it comes to the details of Design. Another great way of adding space is to use mirrors. You can use framed mirrors to reflect light and add dimension to the room. You can also completely go for it by covering an entire surface with mirrors. This could be one giant mirror, a mosaic of mirrors, or whatever you choose to put together. The trick is that the mirrors fool the eye into thinking the room extends farther than it does.

Be Colorful

Carefully using color can add a lightness and expanse to a space. Generally, using lighter colors will help to keep a room feeling big. A light ceiling is especially important to keep the room lifted. Dark walls and ceilings make you feel like you're in a cave and that's not roomy. This doesn't mean you should avoid color altogether, just choose lighter shades of color. Keeping things monochromatic in a room can also help.

Be Blended

Lastly, for your home interior design in Dallas it's important to reduce the visual weight of big, heavy objects. Choose furniture that blends in with the wall color. You can also use clear objects to add structure and dimension without weighing down the space.  

Is essential to have your room spacious visually as much as physically for long run. For professional help with your home's interior design, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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