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4 Classic Rug Designs That Can Add a Punch to Your Dallas Interior

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Whether you're working on a new home or a partial makeover, the decorative details are what turn a stunning design into an inviting home. When it comes to setting the tone and style of your Dallas home, why not start with a modern twist on a classic area rug. Statement rugs have taken on increased popularity, and for good reason.

Here are four classic rug designs that can add a punch to your Dallas interior.

Persian Rugs 

Don't dismiss this as an ornate or old-fashioned style. A Persian rug brings an instant air of sophistication and can blend surprisingly well with even the most updated space. Choose a low-key pattern in cool, neutral tones. Combining this classic element with modern decor gives the room balance and versatility.

Sari Silk Rugs 

Hand-woven rugs made from silk used to make Indian saris add an Eastern flair and a colorful conversation piece to your home. These rugs are unique and made in an array of beautiful colors that can tie together an eclectic collection of decorative elements in your room.

Geometric Print Rugs 

Geometric designs range from elegant motifs in muted tones to bold shapes in vibrant colors. They can be the focal point of the room or a subtle foundation for decorative accents.

Navajo Rugs 

While retaining their characteristic lines and patterns, Navajo rugs are taking on a more contemporary appeal with playful colors and interesting textures that bring a fresh look to your home.

For professional help incorporating interesting rug designs into your Dallas area living space, contact the experienced team at Stephanie Kratz Interiors

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