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4 Decorating Tips Top Interior Designers Love

Stephanie Kratz
June 19, 2018

Navigating the vast array of choices when it comes to designing your home can be overwhelming. This is where a dedicated and experienced design professional comes in. Hiring a designer gives you access not only to their technical expertise but to their creativity and inspirational ideas as well. 

Here are 4 decorating tips top interior designers love

Oversized art 

Opting for one piece of oversized artwork instead of a gallery-type wall design makes a bold statement. It also gives the room a crisp, clean, uncluttered ambiance.

Art on the bookshelf 

Another bold way to incorporate artwork into your design is to hang a large piece on a bookshelf. There's a lot of talk about using bookcases to showcase more than just books. Hanging art on the front creates an unexpected and eye-catching display while livening up what could otherwise be a dull collection of paperbacks.


More than just a base for your bathroom sink or a museum display, a pedestal is a unique and stylish way to add character to any room or unoccupied corner. A pedestal turns an ordinary item like a house plant, vase or photo frame into an impressive decorative element. From ultra-modern clear lucite to detailed vintage designs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Limited color scheme 

Rather than trying to piece together a range of shades that go well together, many designers are intentionally choosing a limited color palette. Keeping everything in that palette gives you a lot of freedom to mix patterns and shapes, and add in bold elements when it comes to paint, window treatments and accessories.

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