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3-D Art is Perfect for All Spaces

January 17, 2022

Whether it's your living room or your office, you can find the perfect piece of 3-D art to suit your space. It can be abstract, representational or surrealistic. There are so many different styles and techniques that you'll want to have my interior design team find unique pieces just for your living space.

What Is 3-D Art?

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has described 3-d as "objects in a two-dimensional picture plane which seem to protrude into the viewer's space." With this definition in mind, we can divide up three dimensional work into four categories:

  1. Abstract 3-D Art
  2. Representational (or realistic) 3-D Art
  3. Kinetic Sculpture (i.e., sculptures that move and make sounds)

Abstract 3-D

Abstract 3-D art is abstract in nature. It often doesn't really depict something specifically in the way that representational 3-D art does. Abstract 3-D work might be an example of an artistic style which is abstract in nature.

Exclusive examples of sculptures are created when using materials like bronze, steel, aluminum, wood and marble. Artists use these materials to create sculptures with three dimensions which are showcased at invite only Interior Designer we have access to. This is how my team and I find those one of a kind pieces for our client's homes. Here is an example of our Cedar Springs project that highlights this. CEDAR SPRINGS LUXURY HOME PROJECT

Representational (or realistic) 3-D art

Representational (or realistic) 3-D art can be defined as an artwork that depicts something, often a person or animal, in the way that they would appear if seen from multiple angles. Some believe that representational 3-D works are more compelling than abstract work or surrealistic work because the artist has created something that looks like it could exist in reality.

Some examples of representational artwork are sculptures done in bronze, wood and marble. Many artists use these materials to create sculptures with three dimensions. Sculptures in bronze take much longer to make because the artist must make a mold and pour liquid metal into this mold and let it cool before removing it and chipping away the excess metal.

Kinetic sculptures

Kinetic sculptures are a type of three-dimensional art that is defined as sculptures that move and make sounds. The kinetic sculptures are often made using materials like metal, plastic, copper or glass. Sculptures can be rather large but they are typically mounted on the floor. They are typically still or move in a slow manner. Often these types of sculptures are created with moving parts for an interactive experience. As we incorporate more technology into modern interior design kinetic sculptures will be come the room's focal point in luxury homes.

Finding the Right Piece for your Home

If what you're looking to add in 3-D art into your living space, we would love to help curate living spaces around custom sculptures. Our team of interior designers led by Stephanie Kratz specialize in modern realism and abstraction of incorporating kinetic sculptures and other 3-D art into posh living spaces. Stephanie and her team put their all into each home to ensure the design is perfect for their client's luxury living space!

My team and I look forward to designing your luxury living space.

Stephanie Kratz

Owner of Stephanie Kratz Interiors

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