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17 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Ideas

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

If you play your cards right, your bathroom can be more than the place you pop into for a shower in the morning. It should be a peaceful haven and a getaway that's uniquely you.

To make that getaway a luxurious one, marble is a must. It makes any space feel more high-end and it's guaranteed to make you feel like you're being pampered in your own home.

At the same time, a standard marble countertop or marble floor can look cookie-cutter. If you want more unique options to infuse your personal style into a marble bathroom, try these ideas.

Unique Marble Bathroom Ideas

Your home's design should be an extension of your style and your personality. If you want a bathroom all your own with a luxury feel, try these marble ideas.

1. Marble Accent Wall

Accent walls are popular design elements today, and bathrooms are no exceptions. In most cases, an accent wall has a different paint color or wallpaper than the rest of the room. For a more high-end look, though, marble can create a great accent wall.

A marble accent wall will stand out best if it's the only area of marble in at eye level. For instance, a marble vanity may take away from the accent wall's impact but a marble floor won't.

2. Simulating a Chair Rail with Marble

If you want to use marble as a design accent but you don't want it on a full wall, there's a way to make that happen. While a chair rail often refers to a piece of molding around waist height, you can similar it with marble.

For example, the top of your wall can have paint and the bottom half can be covered in marble. It adds more dimension to the room and steps up the sophistication level.

Keep in mind, though, that it can be difficult to make sure everything is level. It's also challenging to work around corners, fixtures, doorways and more. Make sure your designer and installer know what they're doing.

3. Mix and Match

If you want marble to be a major part of your bathroom design but you don't want it to look too monotone, try to mix and match. For instance, pair a black marble countertop with a white marble floor.

While the colors should contrast each other, you want them to be complementary too. A good rule of thumb is to choose slabs of marble that have one color in common.

4. Rectangular Marble Slabs

When most people think of marble, they think of large solid slabs. One way to make it more unique, though, is to opt for shaped pieces instead.

There's a rising trend toward marble that's shaped in long rectangles like slats in a hardwood floor. You can use this marble for flooring or for a unique accent wall. Wherever you place it, the design calls more attention to the marble.

5. All-Over Marble Shower Enclosure

As a high-end stone, marble is a great way to turn one area of your bathroom into the focal point. If you want that focal point to be your shower, all-around marble is the way to go.

As an added bonus, a full marble surround will make every shower feel like a luxury spa experience. Keep in mind, though, that lighter colors tend to work better in such an enclosed space.

6. Marble Mosaic Tile

Another great way to bring your own style into a marble bathroom is to use marble mosaic tiles to create a unique design. You can find pre-arranged mosaic designs or you can have a one-of-a-kind design instead.

A marble mosaic is the ultimate way to get creative while maintaining a high-class look. Whether you choose to place your arrangement in the shower, on a wall, or on a backsplash, it can make the perfect addition to your bathroom.

7. Marble Subway Tile

Another way to use marble in a less conventional shape is to use marble subway tiles. If you aren't familiar, subway tiles are small rectangular tiles that are popular in bathrooms. You'll most often see them in white porcelain.

Subway tile is one of the most classic and beloved materials in bathroom design. By using these shapes of tile in marble, you can embrace a time-tested style while adding a more luxurious touch.

8. Marble and Wood Combination

As gorgeous and modern as marble is, some homeowners think it looks cold if a room has too much marble. If you want to curb that effect, try embracing one of today's fastest rising trends: wood on marble.

A natural wood adds warmth to any room, and it's a powerful complement to marble in your bathroom. For example, you may opt for a wooden vanity with a marble countertop or wooden shelves on a marble wall.

9. Ornate Marble Backsplash

In some cases, homeowners want to incorporate marble into their bathroom but they don't want it to be overpowering. One classy way to do this is to go for a marble backsplash.

Depending on how large your mirror is, that marble backsplash could take up an entire wall or a small strip of space. Either way, you can make the marble as prominent or subtle as you want depending on how different it is from the other colors in your room.

Do Marble Your Way

Without a doubt, marble is one of the classiest choices you can make in your bathroom. It adds value to your home while giving you a luxury experience. As the marble bathroom ideas above explain, it's also versatile enough to capture your style.

Keep in mind, however, that it takes a professional touch to do marble well. You need it to add from your bathroom's design rather than overpowering it. If you're ready to get started on your new bathroom, contact our interior design team for that professional expertise.

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