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15 Chic Nursery Ideas for Your New Baby

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

Designing any area of your home requires a little bit of creativity and a considerable amount of patience. Designing a nursery, especially one that remains classy and chic while still catering to the youngest member of your family, is arguably an even more difficult task.

Is it even possible to create a nursery that's just as stylish and sophisticated as the rest of your home? The answer in short? Yes!

If you're on the hunt for ideas that will help you design a room that both you and your baby will love, look no further! In this article, we'll give you 15 nursery ideas to assist you on your journey to the perfect room for baby.

1. Stick to Grayscale

When you think of nurseries, you might immediately think of color. The cliché, of course, being "blue for boys, pink for girls." However, this concept is not only outdated, but it's also unnecessary! If the rest of your house is decorated in greys, whites, and maybe a touch of black, why not decorate the baby's room to match? A primarily grey and white room will feel fresh and clean, as well as give the room a much more refined look.

2. Mix Textures and Materials

Not everything in your baby's room needs to be soft and squishy. While a fluffy rug for baby to play and roll on is a wonderful idea, add some variety with a natural wood crib and a few pieces of metal decor (as long as anything that could be a potential hazard is kept well out of reach).

3. Add Pops of Color

For a slightly more playful vibe that's still crisp and modern, use grey or white as your predominant color, but pick an accent color or two and use them to create pops of excitement around the room. For a really interesting effect, use a dark color such as navy blue or forest green that will contrast starkly with the central color.

4. Install a Chandelier

Who says chandeliers are only for the living and dining rooms? Exchanging your run of the mill ceiling light for a chandelier or other eye-catching light fixture will transform any room, and can serve as the focal point for your nursery.

5. Hang Some Artwork

Artwork is a must for any room, and can even be the starting point for your whole design! Who knows, you could find a piece of art for your baby's room that sparks the concept of the entire space. You can go with pieces meant for children, such as colorful cartoon animals, or you can opt for some of your own favorites, as long as they're not frightening.

6. Get Dramatic With a Mural

Maybe you're thinking, I love the idea of artwork, but I want to get a bit more daring. A mural is your answer! The great thing about murals is that the possibilities are endless; whether you choose to create one from wallpaper, paint, or wall decals, a mural takes the term "accent wall" to new heights.

7. Opt For "Grown Up" Furniture

There's no question that baby furniture is adorable. Who doesn't love to gush over cribs, rocking chairs, and other furniture specifically designed for little ones? But babies grow quickly, and soon that crib will be useless. So instead of baby furniture, perhaps opt for grown-up versions that perform the same function. For example, use a daybed with a removable guard as a crib, or a stylish armchair in lieu of a standard rocking chair.

8. Organization is Key

Doting on your children is just part of being a parent, but the last thing you want is an explosion of toys and games cluttering the room. Using a large stuffed animal or a few toys as accent pieces won't hurt, but keep the majority of your baby's belongings stored away.

9. Create a Less Permanent Pop with Curtains

If you want a pop of color or print without committing to painting or purchasing expensive furniture, get the feature you're looking for with curtains! Curtains come in virtually any color, texture, or print you could possibly want and are one of the most easily changed parts of room design.

10. Use Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are a great way to go a little bold with your chic nursery. With geometric bed sheets, rugs, or even wallpaper, you can get adventurous with your decorating while keeping with the modern style.

11. Go Eclectic

If you're going for a more bohemian vibe, filling your nursery with eclectic pieces of furniture and decor is essential. You can go in a multitude of directions with this design; eclectic doesn't necessarily mean colorful, but it can. You might decide to go light and airy or fill the room to the brim with bright colors, as long as you use a variety of styles and textures.

12. Add a Splash of Metallics

A solid gold nursery is probably slightly more garish than you had in mind, but a touch of gold or silver here and there can really step up the design of your nursery and give an elegant flair. Something as simple as a metallic picture frame or lamp can take your nursery to the next level.

13. Take Your Design to the Ceiling

Sure, painting walls or putting down rugs are fine ways to spruce up a room, but many people neglect prime decorating space: the ceiling. Think about it, the ceiling of your baby's room is the perfect place for a painted or wallpapered mural or pieces of hanging decor.  

14. Use Shelving as a Statement Piece

Shelving may sound basic and boring, but can easily be turned into one of the most stunning pieces in the room. Use rope hanging shelves in a bohemian or jungle themed room, for example, or floating shelves to accentuate a minimalistic style.

15. Don't Be Afraid of Hard Flooring

Particularly for an infant or toddler's room, laying down carpet might seem like the only option. Hard surfaces can be a source of anxiety for many parents, and for good reason, but if your dream nursery doesn't include carpet, don't fret! That's what rugs are for. Not to mention, the rug in your child's room can be easily changed as their tastes do.

You're Ready to Put These Nursery Ideas to Practice!

Now that you're brimming with nursery ideas, you're ready to get started designing the ultimate space for your baby!

Don't feel that you need to stick with what's considered traditional, do what works for you and what fits with the design of the rest of your home. Create a space that can grow with baby and you will enjoy it for years to come!

Whether you need further assistance with your nursery or any other room in your home, be sure to contact us for all of your interior design needs.

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