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10 Ways to Show Natural Elements in Your Dallas Home

Stephanie Kratz
June 8, 2021

There's something refreshing about nature. By surrounding yourself with elements such as earth, sky and water, you can gain a renewed sense of balance. Decorating with natural elements will allow you to add that revitalizing touch to your home. Let's explore 10 ways to show natural elements in your Dallas home.

Incorporating Natural Elements into Home Design

Natural fibers

There are a variety of furniture and décor made of natural fibers like jute and rattan which man has manipulated into functional pieces like area rugs.

Outdoor colors

Opt for a color palette inspired by nature. Think earthy greens, dark browns and subtle tans.

Natural flooring

No one's suggesting dirt floors, but keep it as close to nature as possible with wood or bamboo. These materials add extra warmth to your space compared to more industrial options such as concrete.


Bring nature inside, literally. Place seashells and sand in a large glass jar, or use straw as a flower arrangement.


While not visual, our sense of smell can have an amazing effect on our mood. Use woodsy incense to give your home a rustic smell or light floral scents for a garden reflection.


Mother Nature makes the best lighting, so let her in. Ditch heavy drapes and opt for sheer fabrics of no shades at all.

Windows as pictures

Bust out your green thumb and clean up your garden. Let your windows become ever-changing picture frames.


Fill large bowls with fruits, vegetables and herbs like lemons, limes or mint. They will do double duty in the kitchen and as decorative touches.

Eco-friendly choices

Select high-quality, eco-friendly towels, sheets and other linens to ensure that natural touch.

Let the outside in

Embrace natural ventilation through open windows whenever possible.

For more ideas about decorating with natural elements, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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