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10 Tips for Antique Shopping in the Dallas Area Like a Design Professional

Stephanie Kratz
April 25, 2018

When shopping for the perfect accessories to provide the finishing touches in your Dallas area home, it never hurts to consider antiques. Along with furniture, antique pieces such as mirrors, lighting, artwork and rugs add style and character

Follow these tips for antique shopping, and you’ll find yourself racking up deals like the design professionals:

  1. Carry a flashlight on all antique expeditions. You’ll need it to closely examine pieces you’re considering. Inspect all sides and underneath each potential find. If the weather is good, ask the proprietor to allow you to take the item outside to be examined in natural light.

  2. If it’s a furniture piece, test the weight. Heavier weight often indicates the piece is well constructed and made from better quality woods.
  3. Make sure the piece is solid. It should not wobble or seem off kilter.

  4. Does the potential antique you’re considering show signs of natural aging (dirt in hard to clean crevices, wear around handles/knobs, etc.)? If not, the piece may not be authentic or may have been refinished.

  5. Check for original hardware. Shadows around the edges or old drill holes that have been plugged often indicate replacements.

  6. Check the finish/color. It should be uniform with minimal variations that would occur with normal everyday use and exposure to the elements.

  7. Check the wood grain. Interesting, high quality grains were probably produced with care and are usually worth the investment.

  8. Decorative inlays and/or applied carvings should not be missing any pieces.

  9. Get the dealer’s guarantee of authenticity in writing on your receipt.

  10. If you’re uncertain you're getting a good deal, opt for second opinion.

For more tips for antique shopping in Dallas and the surrounding areas of Plano, Frisco and McKinney, contact Stephanie Kratz Interiors.

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