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10 Modern Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas You'll Love

June 8, 2021

The average person can use the bathroom anywhere between four and ten times a day and have that considered to be a normal amount of visits.

That's a lot of bathroom visits per day, especially if you have a dull, boring bathroom. And that number's not even accounting for the number of times the average person showers - which is about five times per week.

Modern Luxury Master Bathroom Design Ideas

We all crave luxury because it celebrates us taking care of our emotional well-being. Most people think they don't have enough income to afford a luxury bathroom, but working with a master luxury designer can open up your options more than you might think at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Keep these modern luxury master bathrooms in mind, and allow yourself to realize your home's true potential.

A Spa-Like Bathtub

When you invest in a luxury modern bathroom, there's no longer any need to go to the spa. If you cut spa visits out of your expenses, having a bathroom this nice can actually save you money.

This bathroom features extravagant tile work and an extremely spacious floor plan. The glass shower makes the design feel even more open, and carefully matching art matches the tiles.

A Skylight Showoff

Lighting design plays an important part in making your bathroom the most luxurious it can be, and this bathroom featuring ample skylights is no exception. Wih this much natural light, you'll practically feel like you're bathing outdoors, but with all the privacy in the world.

Vaulted Ceilings

The unique ceiling design in this bathroom makes it feel like you're getting clean in a Roman bathhouse. This design proves that the sky's the limit when it comes to thinking of ideas for your new bathroom, so you can dream as big as you want.

Vaulted ceilings at different levels add perspective and depth to the room, layered on by task lighting and natural light from the windows. If you're under a lot of stress from work or other aspects of your life, getting a bathroom like this is a solution to help calm you down.

Featuring a Fireplace

This bathroom design is the epitome of cozy. Unwind in the tub while you also bask in the warmth of the nearby fireplace, accented by beautiful bricklaying and carefully selecting matching accent pieces.

You can take your luxury master bathroom relaxation to the next level by using candles places on a small table next to the tub. This bathroom is basically a living room where you can also step into the bathtub, perfect for the person who likes a rustic feel.

A Freestanding Tub

The freestanding tub is a trend in luxury bathroom design that's not going anywhere. This bathroom showcases the tub in a small alcove, with two vanities lining the walls to draw the line of sight to the feature of the room - the tub.

Even if your bathroom is more cramped for space, envisioning a way to incorporate a freestanding tub can take your design from average to amazing.

Farmhouse Feel

The best thing about working with a luxury bathroom designer is the design is totally up to you, and you can create exactly the mood you're looking for. This bathroom is made for anyone who loves the farm, with a vibrant barn style door sliding open and closed to create privacy.

Consider matching the color scheme of your bathroom to the theme already present in your master bedroom for a cohesive feel. You can also mix it up and contrast your master bedroom's style with your master bathroom to add intrigue to the design statement.

Pops of Color

You can still have a beautiful bathroom even if you have a small space. Adding color to your home is the first step in creating the atmosphere that you're trying to achieve, and bathrooms are no different.

This bathroom design takes neutral blues and plays with yellow as a bright accent color that brings a cheery atmosphere to the entire room. Natural light also blends into the uplifting mood, and a simple, clean incorporation of white detailing lends a hand to the overall vibe.

A Place to Rest

This elegant bathroom design not only features the spa-like freestanding tub but puts an ottoman at the center. Dome ceilings enhance the spacious feel of the area, and ample natural lighting brightens the intricate ironworking spaced throughout the room.

Chandelier lighting also rounds out the look. If you're going for a royal feel, nothing adds to the mood better than extravagant lighting like this.

The Style of Tile

Playing on the tiling is an important element of style design for any bathroom. This bathroom features neutral tiles with speckled coloring throughout to creates a texture that adds interest for the eye.

Pair that with subtle elements like the wooden trays and elegant containers, and your bathroom will pull together nicely. Consider adding an overhead shower, a super luxurious touch that brings a spa-like feeling to any bathing area.

Woodworking to the Max

Take a step into nature when you walk into your bathroom. A recessed bathtub overlooking the window makes you feel like you're literally slipping into nature.

Soft, warm lighting creates a cozy and inviting feel, so if you want your bathroom to feel welcoming, experiment with these colors. The simplicity of this bathroom is deceiving - elegant woodworking is laid throughout to create a fluidity that could only be the mark of a master luxury designer.

Time for Design

Stop sitting around and wishing your home was what you've dreamed about - make it happen.

The designers at Stephanie Kratz can make your interior design dreams for a modern luxury master bathroom come true. From the initial concept to the design, to construction administration, to project reveal, they guide you through every step of the process.

You've got nothing to lose by booking a consultation, and a beautiful master bathroom to gain.

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